For Executives

Experience MySQL scalability and high-availability

For Executives

  • Is your database hitting a scalability wall?
  • Do you want to avoid rewriting your application to rip out MySQL?
  • Do you simply want to scale your MySQL database without invasive programming?
  • Do you want to avoid hiring additional staff to shard (and regularly reshard) your database?
  • Do you want a highly-available MySQL database in order to avoid costly downtime?
  • Do you want a MySQL solution that runs in-house or on any cloud?
  • Is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) an important consideration?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then ScaleDB is for you!

Scaling Your MySQL Database

MySQL is the most popular database in the world, because of ease of use, performance and cost advantages...until you hit the scalability wall. Once you run into scalability problems you have two options: (1) invasive re-programming and DBA work to shard your database, or (2) port your application to a more scalable database...why do you think Oracle purchased MySQL anyway?

Now you have a third option. ScaleDB provides plug-and-play scaling without modifying your application. If you have an internal application, or an off-the-shelf application, and you just want it to scale without additional coding, ScaleDB is the ideal solution for you.

Why staff-up to do surgery on a proven application and database, just to make it scale? Do you really want to take on the coding and the ongoing maintenance effort, when you can just plug-in ScaleDB and not have to worry about any of that?

ScaleDB extends MySQL, making it work as a highly-available cluster of machines, or virtual machines. Your application sees a single MySQL database, but behind the scenes, you can cluster any number of machines, as required by your scaling needs. ScaleDB provides the easiest, most cost-effective and the least invasive way to scale your MySQL database.


Whether you need to support larger amounts of data, exponential growth of users, or both, ScaleDB makes it easy. It also delivers a significant performance advantage, relative to standard MySQL. What sort of performance boost are we talking about?

Figure 1: Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB)
ScaleDB Clusters Deliver Superior Performance

While your performance may vary, depending upon your database usage profile, ScaleDB delivers a significant performance improvement.


When your database fails, it can cause application failure, data loss, loss of business and in some cases loss of customers who take their business elsewhere. Everyone wants a highly-available database, but high-availability has traditionally been a very expensive luxury. ScaleDB turns MySQL into a virtualized database, where there is no single point of failure. If a database node fails, the existing load is simply shared across the remaining nodes...and it just keeps running. If a storage node fails, the mirrored data simply keeps running...without interruption.

Figure 2: Each node runs the same exact schema, so if one node fails, the others keep running
ScaleDB is a virtualized database, enabling every node to run a complete copy of the database schema

Deployment Versatility

ScaleDB is optimized to work in any cloud or data center. This gives you ultimate deployment versatility. Virtualization works with all major hypervisors, so you retain total flexibility. A ScaleDB cluster can be installed and operational in an hour in any Linux environment.


Whether you need scalability, improved performance or high-availability, ScaleDB provides the fastest and least invasive solution to your needs. Deployment flexibility means that SaleDB can be run in public clouds, or on premise, virtualized or on bare metal servers...the choice is yours.

Download and try ScaleDB today and see how we can solve your database challenges.