Hardware Partners

Hardware Partners

ScaleDB has been tested, certified, benchmarked and tuned for a variety of Linux servers, as well as the Dolphin high-speed interconnects. As we expand our partnerships with hardware vendors, we will list them here and provide benchmark data. We have yet to run into hardware conflicts, but we will also post information about such conflicts as they arise.

Our goal is to achieve optimal performance on the widest possibly selection of servers. To achieve this objective we actively partner with server (and cloud) vendors to optimize our performance on their servers. We encourage hardware vendors to reach out and partner with us.


Dolphin provides ultra low-latency PCI Express compute interconnect and PCI Express solid state flash memory storage appliances. These combine to accelerate ScaleDB clusters and expand their scalability, while delivering exceptional price performance. Visit www.dolphinics.com.


Intel provides the chips that power many of the servers that run ScaleDB for MySQL. ScaleDB has been tested extensively on the Intel platform.


AMD Opteron chips are used in many of the servers that run ScaleDB. ScaleDB for MySQL is tested extensively against AMD chips, to ensure compatibility.

If you would like to become a Hardware Partner, click here to apply.