ScaleDB operates on all Linux-based public clouds tested thus far. There are certain optimizations that are advantageous for ScaleDB including: running instances on different machines for high-availability, fast interconnects, block storage, etc. We have jointly tested and approved ScaleDB on the following clouds: HP Cloud, Amazon, Rackspace and Verizon/Terremark. More will be added soon.
ScaleDB has been tested, certified, benchmarked and tuned for HP DL-Series and Cisco UCS servers, as well as the Dolphin high-speed interconnects. ScaleDB operates on all Linux-based servers tested thus far. As we expand our partnerships with hardware vendors, we will list them here and provide benchmark data.
Services Partners include developers, systems integrators and consultants who are familiar with or trained on ScaleDB. If you are looking for assistance in integrating ScaleDB into your infrastructure or your products, this list is a great place to find a trusted partner.
The old saying "You are judged by the company you keep" is never more true than for small companies like ScaleDB. We are eager to partner with companies that can complement our products and make us better, while we make them better. If this describes you, we look forward to partnering with you.