Experience MySQL scalability and high-availability

Persistence for Streaming Data

Large streams of data—also known as high-velocity data or fast data—are the focus of the hot new field of stream processors. However, if you want to derive actionable business intelligence (BI) from this data you need to persist that data in a streaming database. ScaleDB turns MySQL and MariaDB into high-performance streaming databases capable of handling millions of inserts per second, while simultaneously running ad hoc queries across that streaming data. Since it extends MySQL, all of your tools, applications, data visualization and BI tools are supported without modification. If you want to extract business intelligence from your streaming data, ScaleDB is the solution for you.

store streaming data at high-velocity

Store High-Velocity Streaming Data

Insert Millions of Rows per Second: ScaleDB’s Streaming Table technology enables amazingly high-speed insertion rates into a clustered MySQL database. This is ideal for high-velocity streaming data.

All Based on Low-Cost Commodity Servers: ScaleDB uses standard commodity Linux servers running open source MariaDB. It doesn’t rely on huge amounts of RAM or large numbers of processors, all you need are standard commodity Linux servers.

Query and interact with streaming data

Interact with Your Streaming Data

Simultaneously Query Inserted Data: The whole idea of streaming data is to get real-time insight. You need the ability to ask questions of the data as quickly as possible, before the data has aged. With ScaleDB, you can query the data at the same time that you are pouring it into the database.

Use SQL for Ad Hoc Queries: Stream Processors run a fixed “process” (transform, filter, count, etc.) for all data. ScaleDB enables individuals to interact with the data using SQL to satisfy their specific data needs. The analogy is that stream processors are like a lecture—you get what you get—while querying is like an interview where you get answers to your questions. This is ideal for things like call centers, ad hoc analytics and data visualization.

MySQL or MariaDB complement stream processors like Storm, S4, Kafka, Kinesis

Complements Stream Processors

Persist Data for Popular Stream Processors: Stream processors—like Twitter Storm, Yahoo S4, Linkedin Kafka, Amazon Kinesis—are ideal for normalizing multiple high-throughput data streams which are then streamed into ScaleDB where you can run BI tools or query the data interactively.

Define Your Own Persistence Window: How long do you want to store your streaming data? A day, a week, a month, forever? Your window of persistence is limited only by the amount of disk space you want to dedicate to the process.

Optimized for Time-Series Data: Streaming data is often time-sensitive and based on a time-series. ScaleDB is optimized to quickly scan data based upon time ranges.

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Database Scaling Made Simple

Scaling beyond a single MySQL or MariaDB server involves a number of technical challenges; we make it simple, while delivering extreme performance.Seamlessly scale your applications without modifying them: no sharding, partitioning, replication, nothing. Whether your application is read-intensive, write-intensive or both, ScaleDB provides a low-latency, high-performance solution to your needs.

scale mysql databases

Seamlessly Scale MySQL & MariaDB Apps

Scale Your MySQL Applications without Modification: ScaleDB extends MySQL, turning it into a cluster, so it runs MySQL applications and tools without modification.

Makes Scaling Simple: No more partitioning/sharding of your data, routing code, master-slave, replication; ScaleDB eliminates the entire scaling headache. From the application’s perspective ScaleDB is just one large database, when in fact the load is spread across a cluster that delivers blazing performance.

scale everything: data, transactions, users

Scale Everything

Data, Users, Transactions & Throughput: It doesn’t matter what you need to scale, ScaleDB handles it all. Whether your database is read-heavy, write-heavy, ScaleDB enables you to scale, while maintaining low-latency and high-performance.

Internet-Scale Databases: ScaleDB leverages a storage tier that can scale to handle any Internet-scale data and transaction volume.

database for cloud and DBaaS

Ideal for Cloud & DBaaS

Commodity Cloud Infrastructure: ScaleDB leverages standard commodity cloud servers and infrastructure. ScaleDB is ideal for Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) because of the flexibility to distribute and manage databases across a shared infrastructure.

Elastic Scaling & High-Availability: ScaleDB is fully elastic, enabling databases to scale up and down automatically. Since there is no single point of failure (SPOF), ScaleDB delivers high-availability inherently.